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Kathleen, aka “Kat” is bold and fearless in the way she works.  She is obsessed with simplicity and finding artful ways to get stuff done more effectively — with less stress and more fulfillment. She thinks creatively and works strategically. Kat believes it’s possible to take on serious issues with a light-hearted approach that is engaging, thought-provoking and gets results.

Kat’s ability to challenge assumptions and bring a fresh perspective helps people see what they can’t see and connect dots they would otherwise miss. This opens the door to new possibilities that are transformational for individuals and organizations. Kat is known for doing the seemingly impossible with surprising ease and loves helping others do the same. Along the way, she becomes the ultimate resource choreographer, with an uncanny ability to attract whatever is needed to get it done.


NSA National Speakers Association
Kat KSHIFT Founder

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KAT KSHIFT President

Leadership in a Crisis and Beyond:

Essential Shifts to Reimagine, Reframe, and Revitalize Your Business (and Your Life)

A "Plan B" seems totally inadequate in the midst of the seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks in the months and the years to come.


This keynote's purpose is to help business owners quickly develop an inspiring Plan Z™ that will transform their leadership, their business and their results -- a plan that will build on their success, minimize the downsides of this crisis and fully leverage new opportunities that will set their company  up for success, now and later.

Communicating with Different Generations

It's easier than you think!

Now more than ever, closing the generation gap is no longer optional. Each generation has something to contribute as you make the essential shifts that this global pandemic demands. 

This keynote's purpose is to challenge the assumptions around  the younger generation and obliterate the generational tug-of-war that is putting so many businesses at risk, especially today. Gain insights into how to work together across generations to create something that works for everyone, while achieving your goals faster and easier than you can imagine!

KAT KSHIFT President

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Lisa Raggio Program Consultant

Lisa Raggio

Program Consultant

Kat’s lively presentations are timely, relevant and incredibly impactful. Her ability to inform, connect and inspire make it a meaningful and memorable experience for everyone.

Paul Little President/CEO

Paul Little


Kat’s talk had a unique twist and I got much more out of it than expected. I learned how to incorporate input from each generation and how their insights could help us be even more successful.

Esther Weinberg President/Founder

Esther Weinberg


Audiences resonate with Kat's genuineness and fun style. She is open and willing to adjust her presentation to be responsive to the the needs of diverse audiences.

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