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You want me to do WHAT!?!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Joy Chief Morale Officer

Just because you put glasses on me and put me in front of the computer doesn't mean I'm gonna do a good job! I know you're stretched, but I know what I'm good at and it's not this!

I know your intent is to use this "opportunity" to grow your peeps, but perhaps you've gone too far with me! Besides, I'm really good at this Chief Morale Officer role and I'm clearly the best one and uniquely prepared for the job, especially when everyone needs what I have to offer more than ever! Are you noticing all the exclamation marks? Just wanting to make sure you really hear me on this!

Do you have the right people, in the right roles that play to their unique strengths and desires? That question is more relevant today than ever before. It's a great time to get real about what you need NOW (really) to respond to the challenges; and frankly, the new opportunities that this global pandemic is serving up.

Loyalty sucks! OK, that's Kat's saying, not mine. While jarring, I know what she really means so let me share what she always follow that with . . . Misplaced Loyalty Sucks! It sucks time, energy, resources, morale, and lots and lots of money. Kat has lots of experience with this, so, I'm gonna channel her insights. A good example of knowing your limits and turning it over to the expert.

SHIFT HAPPENS! Sometimes it's due to fast growth prompted by additional demands for what you're already doing. Or, there's a dramatic, unexpected disruption that actually creates NEW opportunities and causes a significant shift in what you're doing or how you're doing it.

Enter COVID-19! What worked before doesn't work anymore! And, the people you have may or may not have the knowledge, skills or experience to meet these new demands NOW. This is a tough reality, especially if they've been loyal from the start. And even if they're not, it's still a challenge. Sound familiar?

Why is it that leaders keep people . . . even when they are no longer able to do the job?

  • For those loyal employees who no longer able to do the job effectively -- it's really uncomfortable having that tough conversation and there's understandable concern around the impact it will have on them.

  • For those who you've kept on despite their negative impact on the company culture -- there's often fear around the potential backlash, legally or otherwise.

Perhaps there's a unique opportunity to address either of these dilemmas. What I've found is that most owners/leaders 'know' what they should do. Yet, they're reluctant to do it. For others, they really don't know what to do. In either case, having a Trusted Advisor that you can be brutally honest with and who will be brutally honest with you can make all the difference.

If you'd like more insight and direction around what to do next, let's schedule a Clarity Call to explore your particular situation and possible solutions. Click HERE to complete our Confidential Needs Assessment. It will make our time together even more insightful and tailored to your particular needs. And did I mention, it's complementary!

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