• Kat O'Sullivan

Woof . . . remember the good 'ole days (just weeks ago)???

You humans seem to be totally disoriented these days (aka daze). Made me think about when I was just starting to walk. I was a wobbly mess. Never thought I'd get it right. Took me awhile to find my balance. Now? My balancing act is legendary -- just ask Kat!

OK, I get it . . . your whole world has been turned upside down, overnight! While it's been a boon for me with all the added attention during the daytime, I can see and feel the impact it's having on you humanoids. I'm doing my best to bring you comfort and I hope my fellow comfort dogs are kickin it into high gear as well.

As the Chief Morale Officer, here's some tips that we at KSHIFT would like to share:

  • Recognize that you're not alone. That's a biggie. Make sure you stay connected and create new connections. You won't be sorry.

  • Accept that old priorities are GONE! Get with your pack (virtually of course) and have fun pondering new possibilities -- cherish the unexpected opportunity you have to create something NEW, something that will actually be BETTER and even more meaningful.

  • Take action, even if it's messy and you're feeling a little wobbly. Feeling overwhelmed? Give yourself permission to slow down, take baby steps and celebrate each one of them. After all, who doesn't love a good celebration! A series of virtual "Happy Hours" sound good to me. Just don't forget the treats for any 4-footed best friend(s) in the house!

  • When (not if) you fall down, exercise lots of grace and have a good chuckle. As Kat would say, "Done is better than perfect."

  • Try on one of our core values . . . Perfect Imperfection. It's permission for you to go for it and enjoy the journey.

Years from now, everyone will be remembering this global pandemic. I want to be remembered for being the most amazing, untrained comfort dog extraordinaire. How about YOU?
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