• Kat O'Sullivan

What's more meaningful than a tennis ball . . . really !?!

Nothing like a crisis to reveal what's most important, right? I had to let Kat know right away that my early morning walks are the #1 priority. OK, perhaps second to going to the park with endless retrievals of my favorite tennis ball.

Now about the leash. I know at times Kat needs to set boundaries on how far ahead I can get, but nowadays I think it calls for a longer leash. Don't you agree? After all, with all the restrictions I'm hearing about, I feel all the more compelled to explore and discover new things. OK, so I get that those balls hiding in people's bushes are not mine. I promise to be good.

How long is YOUR leash? Maybe it's time to give yourself more room to explore and discover new possibilities . . . to unearth what's really most important and to go for it! Try on one of KSHIFT's core values . . . insatiable curiosity. I'm a testimony that you'll never know what you're gonna find.

OK, I'm gonna channel Kat for a moment . . . don't forget to leave judgment at the door -- it's a real kill joy. Kat's really good at that curiosity vs. judgment thing, until she's not. Remember the balls in the bushes? I've heard Kat say that once you know what's really important, you'll know what's negotiable and what's not. I guess taking other people's balls falls into the non-negotiable column -- darn!.

Ready to explore new possibilities? If YOU need permission, you've got it!

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