• Kat O'Sullivan

What Millennials REALLY want . . . are we really that different???

Updated: May 5, 2020

When was the last time you experienced a "Short Shower Day?!?"

I first heard this expression when I asked one of my Millennial nephews how things were going in his new job. He shared that he was SO excited about getting to work that it was a "Short Shower Day!." Just love that thought. When was the last time you had a Short Shower Day? Isn't that what we all want???

Lifelong learning is no longer an option!

Whatever we knew yesterday, may no longer be relevant today. This is more true than ever as we navigate the seismic shifts and aftershocks of COVID-19. For most of us, it's back to the drawing board. Leadership in a crisis demands that we have a learner mindset to survive now and thrive later. It's challenging and exciting all at the same time. What else would you like to learn today?

Who wants to focus on their weakness?

Let's face it, everyone is feeling a bit disoriented and insecure. More than ever, taking a strengths-based approach is vital. Acknowledging and fully leveraging everyone's strengths and minimizing their weaknesses will go along way to helping people get their footing in these unsettling times. Remember, what we focus on we create more of!

Boss or Coach, that IS the question!

Even before COVID-19, the top-down approach was unproductive. Taking a coach approach will be essential as people return to the workplace. Your ability to manage people's stress, anxieties, and fears -- whether they are expressed or NOT will determine how productive everyone will be and the results you will achieve.

There's no research that supports the value of an annual performance review.

Gone are the days when sitting down once a year to review a person's progress made sense for anyone, especially given the pace of change and never-ending shifts in our priorities. Yes, the younger generation is expecting real-time feedback on how they're doing and what they could be doing better. Hearing "Good job" is no longer enough. They value ongoing feedback that is specific and meaningful, whether delivered casually or more formally. In reality, every generation is craving the same thing, even Elon Musk . . .

I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. (Elon Musk)

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