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What are different generations thinking about COVID-19?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

What Different Generations Crave in this Crisis

How each generation is impacted by COVID-19 is a bit different.

While everyone is feeling the effect of these seismic shifts and the inevitable aftershocks, each generation will be impacted a bit differently, now and later. These differences are a result of each generation's previous experiences and their unique characteristics outlined in previous blog posts.

If you don't think stress, fear, worry and anxiety impact physical health and well-being, let alone productivity . . . think again.

Let's face it, we all have varying degrees of stress, fear, worry and anxiety, that frankly change from moment to moment.

It's only natural, especially given the unprecedented longevity of the crisis and the unrelenting confusion around its potential impact. We're all in uncharted territory, with no easy answers. The question is, how are we managing those feelings -- in ourselves and the others who are looking to us for support. If ever there was a time to lead with more caring, compassion and grace, it is NOW. Without it, productivity and accountability will be almost impossible.

What Different Generations Crave in this Crisis

Safety first . . . of course physical safety, but what about emotional safety?

Do you feel equipped to address the expressed AND the unexpressed feelings of those you lead? No doubt, when your people return to the workplace, they'll be bringing those feelings with them, as well as any other issues they may have had that have become even more pronounced because of this crisis. Some will be transparent about them and others will not.

Does your company culture support transparency and authenticity? What about your core values?

Were they being lived out before COVID-19 hit? If so, it's more likely that your people will feel safe in sharing their feelings and asking for support when they need it. If not, what will you do to pave the way for creating a safe environment?

If that thought is overwhelming, we're here to help.

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