• Kat O'Sullivan

In times of crisis, it's the simple things that count!

Now this is what brings me the greatest JOY! OK, I know at 60 lbs. I'm not suppose to be a lap dog, but sometimes it's good to do the unexpected. And when I do, voila! The smile says it all. I wonder what unexpected thing you could do that would bring joy to someone's heart?

You humans have been SO conditioned to be in the do, do, do mode. For some of you, that's come to a screeching halt and the big decision of the day is whether you wear your daytime or nighttime PJs. For others, you're still in that doing mode at a whole new level with different demands -- you're not home alone and trying to figure out how to get anything done!

No matter WHAT you're doing these days (OK, yes, daze), it's probably feeling a little awkward. It's likely that you're a bit uncomfortable, even if you're still in your PJs.

Just being truly "present" with one another -- even when you're apart -- is a great place to start. More than ever, people just want to be heard, without judgment. Advice, when asked for can be helpful. Better yet, start by listening intently and letting them know that you care. What happens next could be magical.

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care” (Theodore Roosevelt)
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