• Kat O'Sullivan

How's the leader of the pack suppose to lead like this?

I never imagined having to lead from afar. I guess it's up to us leaders of the pack to figure out how to lead in this new and unfamiliar territory. Time to discover new and different ways to connect and create a sense of camaraderie, even when we're apart. Sounds like a country western song in the making!

Where's Zoom for Dogs when you need it? !? I hear that's a great way to connect with other leaders to get a fresh perspective and some creative ideas. It's lonely out here. Let's face it, there's no easy, let alone quick answers. Not gonna be able to do this on my own. How about you? Who can you connect with today?

On another note . . . how am I suppose to lead AND be a comfort dog too? It's exhausting trying to figure out how to do this when there's seemingly never-ending fear, anxiety, and stress in the air, not to mention all this uncertainty. Kat would say, leading with empathy, authenticity and grace is a great place to start. She'd remind you that It makes up for those awkward missteps that are inevitable when we're experiencing something of this magnitude (therein the need for grace).

Keep in mind, even the Chief Morale Officer needs a break now and then (sorry Kat). If you're feeing that way, it's OK. It's maybe the only thing that's "normal" these days (or better yet, daze). I know Kat would recommend a healthy does of self-care. She's always saying it's impossible to give out of an empty cup. Now I get it! I'm off to take yet another nap!

So, what can YOU do to fill up your cup? Giving yourself a break, creating some extra play time, making sure you're taking deep, cleansing breaths throughout the day, and getting the support YOU need is more important than ever. Oh, and don't forget to fill up your water bowl. Let's make a pack to do at least one thing each day to pamper ourselves, to have some fun, and to make sure our needs are getting met. It's essential!

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