• Kat O'Sullivan

Say a Gracious Goodbye to 2020 and "Hello Gratitude!"

We never know where life will lead us . . . and that was more true than ever in 2020. Everything took on new meaning. Who would have thought that being accused of being ‘negative’ would be a good thing?

And then, there’s 2020 Vision. Both literally and metaphorically, it went from perfect/clear vision to a total lack of clarity and a world of endless uncertainty. It’s been more about “seeing” the light in the darkness and discovering what’s most important in our lives . . . a unique opportunity to reimagine, reframe and revitalize our businesses . . . and our lives.

What if Gratitude is the key to a better tomorrow? I came across a short, 6 min. film on Gratitude that touched my heart and reminded me, yet again, how precious every moment is. AND that I will never regret doing what matters most.

It is my prayer that as we say a gracious goodbye to 2020, we all go into 2021 with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for each moment we are given to make a difference in someone’s life.

So, let’s celebrate all the new possibilities that await us. Yes, they are there, IF we’re looking for them . . .

Oh, and don’t miss this inspiring invitation to live life with gratitude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpkEvBtyL7M

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