• Kat O'Sullivan

Anything for our neighbors, right?

I'm WAY out of my comfort zone, and I'm loving it! After all, if Kat can't get too close to our neighbors, it's a good excuse for me to visit. OK, I may have an ulterior motive. I'm getting lots of treats in return. What's wrong with that!?!

I've heard it's in the giving that we receive. I'd say, it's better to give AND receive! Either way, now more than ever it's working for me. While I'm not a certified comfort dog, I think you can all agree that I'm certifiable! Keep those treats coming.

How could YOU meet a neighbor's need? I'm doing my very best to live out one of KSHIFT's core values . . . unexpected generosity. What would that look like in your world? I hope you'll experience the joy of giving today.

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask . . . what's up with this hoarding TP thing any way? While I'm loving the visits and the treats, there are other things that I could be doing. Hmmmm, I'm wondering what that would be? Now, where is that tennis ball?

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