• Kat O'Sullivan

A tribute to life preservers!

Having a life preserver these days (aka daze) is essential! Hint, hint . . . helping others starts with taking important safety precautions OR the rescuer risks becoming yet another victim. I'm so sad to hear about so many who have given their lives to save others. We are forever in their debt.

Are you a first responder? An essential worker? You are my heroes! I know what it's like to be in choppy, unpredictable waters. But that's nothing compared to what you are diving into every day. Many of you haven't had the type of life preservers you need, and yet, you show up anyway.

Seeing how others are rising up and supporting you is also inspiring! It's calling forth your better nature . . . you're actually becoming human comforters. You're rising up and finding creative ways to support one another.

I hope this generosity of spirit and acts of kindness extend far beyond our current crisis. Kat's been pondering this thought . . .

What if this crisis is just what we need to discover and own what's most important AND to make those long overdue shifts -- in our perspective, our possibilities and our priorities?

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