Bridging the generation gap is no longer an option, it's essential!

Fully leveraging the strengths, skills, experience and unique insights of each generation is your competitive edge. It is the key to achieving the level of communication, productivity and profitability needed to create unstoppable momentum that allows you to grow your business with ease.

How we work

We think creatively and work strategically. We are obsessed with simplicity and finding artful ways to help you get stuff done more effectively. We are laser-focused on what will help you achieve what’s most important to you and accelerate your results — with less stress and more fulfillment.

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Ready for a KSHIFT?

What we do

We are dedicated to working with owners of successful, fast-growing companies to identify their pain points and navigate those challenges in a way that creates clarity, alignment and a laser-focus on what matters most. Imagine what's possible when you fully leverage the skills, strengths, and experience of everyone in your organization across all generations.

What is a


A KSHIFT is that ah-ha! moment that creates a 'KATalytic' shift in perspective that can open up new possibilities and result in even greater profitability, with less stress and more fulfillment.

The key is your people.


Our FUNdamentals are a ‘KATalyst’ for creating alignment across generations that allows you to get stuff done, easier and faster than you might imagine, with even better results.

Our playbook includes highly engaging workshops designed to build the leadership capacity of your organization. They address critical issues that impact communications, productivity and profitability.

What if this result was yours? 
We created alignment across our sales team and had the highest sales ever, with profit up 20%

Nancy Davidson, Exec. Director, Foundation for Living Beauty

Kat helped shift our mindset around what’s possible for our growth. The immediate increase in revenue has allowed us to expand our reach and our impact.

Ofer Abutbul,

President, Powerfull Electric

Kat has helped me focus on what matters most. Her ability to challenge assumptions and help me see what I can’t see has been impactful for me and our bottom line.

Cindy Bengtson, Executive Director, Leadership Pasadena

Kat's leadership on our Board and our Advisory Council have contributed to our reputation as a transformational community and organizational leadership experience.

Want help solving those pesky people problems and obliterate the costly generational tug-of-war that is putting your business at risk today?

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