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Over the years, we’ve worked with some pretty amazing clients who now say they feel well-prepared to lead people through this crisis.


We invite you to check out what our clients have to say about their experience with Kat and the results they’ve achieved. 



Program Consultant

Kat’s lively presentations are timely, relevant and incredibly impactful. Her ability to inform, connect and inspire make it a meaningful and memorable experience for everyone.

Her contribution is helping us achieve our goal of bridging the gap in the military and civilian divide and helping our vets learn vital ways to lead in the private sector, especially across generations.




It is critical that I get out of the weeds and empower others to manage day-to-day operations. Kat’s expert consulting and coaching is helping me do just that.

Letting go is a challenge. Kat is providing the ongoing support and accountability I need to stay the course.

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Kat is the ultimate partner in every way. Her strategic perspective, creative ideas and joyful approach makes working with her a true delight. Audiences resonate with her genuineness and fun style. She delivers every time.


She puts both her heart and her incredible wisdom into everything she does. You feel heard and understood in a profound way and her insights are stellar. She is also open and willing to learn and adjust to be responsive to the needs of diverse audiences. I’m proud and honored to have her partnership, trust, camaraderie and friendship.

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Professional Facilitator / Keynote Speaker

When shift happens, Kat's the person to call. She has the unique ability to impact an entire organization with expert consulting, coaching, training, facilitation and dynamic presentations.


I’ve had the pleasure of co-facilitating with Kat and she is professional in every respect. She creates an atmosphere of collaboration and creates the space for me to show up powerfully as well.




Kat really cares. As a result of our work together, I feel equipped to meet the challenges before us with clarity and confidence. Our leadership team in more committed than ever to rally the troops and make things happen, with much less stress.

My work with her has actually been life changing. I am continually impressed by how many challenges we resolve and its impact on our culture and our bottom line.

Kat is helping me step up more fully into my role as President and allow our leadership team to do what they do best! We now have the right people in the right roles who are laser-focused on creative solutions that will help us now and set us up for even more success later.

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Vice President

Kat has helped us grow from 5 to 8 locations, while creating one cohesive culture where everyone's voice is valued and respected. Engagement and productivity have soared. Her customized training and leadership development program touches everyone in our organization.


In our recent expansion to the Great Park, we were able to fill all new supervisory positions from within – saving time, energy and money AND ensuring that our culture continues to thrive.

Kat’s "InSync" multigenerational sessions have challenged our assumptions and resulted in amazing insights from the most unexpected people . . . our Gen Zers. A delightful surprise!

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Executive Director

Kat helped shift our mindset around what's possible for our growth. The immediate increase in revenue has allowed us to expand our reach and our impact, even during the current crisis .

With our fast growth, Kat's executive coaching and actionable tools have been priceless. She helps me prioritize seemingly endless, competing priorities. As a result, I've been able to stay focused on what's most important as we continue to enhance our programs and service, with much less stress.

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Executive Director

Kat’s leadership on our Board and then our Advisory Council have contributed to LP’s reputation as a transformational community and organizational leadership development experience.

Kat has also contributed to our ongoing program development and is known for her fun and engaging facilitation. She equips our leaders with insights, strategies and practical tools that are memorable and immediately impactful.

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Senior Pastor

Kat's leadership in planning and facilitating annual strategy retreats for our multicultural, multigenerational organization is helping us achieve our mission of "unity in diversity" -- now more than ever.


As Board Chair, Kat elevated our leadership capacity and allowed us to capitalize on each person’s strengths. She has helped us to be strategic and develop a thoughtful and purposeful course of action that has contributed to our continuous growth, individually and as a church. At a time when most churches are in decline, we are thriving as a result of her leadership.

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Kat's talk had a unique twist and I got more out of it than expected. I learned to incorporate input from each generation and how their insights could help us be more successful.

Ready to Make the KSHIFT?

It's that Ah-Ha! Moment that changes everything. It shifts your perspective and challenges your assumptions in a way that opens up new possibilities. It creates a laser-focus on what matters most and inspires you to LIVE your Legacy, Now on Purpose!