Closing the costly generation gap is no longer optional, it’s essential to your bottom line!

Shift happens. In the wake of the seismic shifts in the workplace and the marketplace, it calls for a new approach. As the old adage goes, if we keep doing what we've been doing, we will keep getting what we've always gotten. 

Are you ready for some SERIOUS FUN? We believe you can take on serious issues with a light-hearted approach. Everything we do is designed to be playful, engaging, relevant, meaningful, and memorable, with practical tools that can be put into practice the same day. This proven approach is a wise investment that reaps immediate and sustainable results.


Go slow to go fast strategy

Creating Strategic Alignment. While it may feel counter-intuitive, this is the time to embrace a Go Slow to Go Fast Strategy.  It's time to invest now or pay forever! As a first and important step, we facilitate an initial offsite Strategy Session with you and your leadership team. This is an opportunity to get away from the day-to-day and reframe mindsets, refocus on what matters most, and to recalibrate and redirect efforts. It lays the foundation for creating more Clarity, Commitment, Capacity and Courage to take the actions needed to achieve your next level of success — with less stress and more fulfillment. It’s a time to laser-focus on what’s most important and leave feeling UNSTOPPABLE. This initial Strategy Session will jumpstart and accelerate your success. It provides the insights needed to put together just the right mix of solutions going forward — designed specifically to address your #1 Challenge AND to fully leverage the opportunities it presents.

Trusted Advisor: This highly personalized one-to-one time with the owner(s) is pre-scheduled on a regular basis and includes a hybrid of executive coaching and consulting. This ensures you have dedicated time to focus on you, your leadership and consistent opportunities to work 'on' your business, not just 'in' your business. It creates ongoing accountability and a learning loop that's essential as you shift your mindset and your actions to accelerate your success.

Developing Leadership Potential Throughout Your Organization

Increasing Your Generational IQ™: Context is everything and this workshop provides a fun way to gain an understanding of what drives each generation and get everyone IN SYNC. Each generation’s values and their needs and expectations in the workplace are influenced by the world they grew up in. Each generation has experienced different societal issues and events, ever-evolving technology/media, varying economics, and family dynamics. This new understanding leads to a greater appreciation and opens the door to new ways to tap into all they bring to the workplace.


KSHIFT’s FUNdamentals: Our FUNdamentals are a ‘KATalyst’ for creating alignment across generations that allows you to get stuff done, easier and faster than you might imagine, with even better results. Our FUNdamentals help you develop a new level of:

  • Clarity: The vision to get it done — ensuring that everyone understands what’s most important, what’s at stake and related expectations.

  • Commitment: The buy-in to get it done — ensuring that there is genuine commitment and an "all in" mindset vs. compliance or the dreaded lip service.

  • Capacity: The ability to get it done — ensuring that everyone has the knowledge, skills, experience, and strengths, plus the tools, resources, training and support to be successful.

  • Courage: The insight to get it done — ensuring that everyone is equipped to have courageous conversations to give and receive the feedback needed to stay the course and achieve desired results.


Our workshops address those pesky people problems that are further amplified by generational issues. They are customized to meet the specific needs and priorities of each organization and include such things as:

  • The Power of Insightful Questions + Curiosity Listening = Key to Effective Communications

  • Identifying & Leveraging Different Communication Styles

  • Conversations vs. Confrontations — Creating an Impactful Feedback Loop

  • Getting out of React Mode — The Key to Managing Unrelenting, Competing Priorities

  • Multiplying Your Impact — A Coach Approach to Supervising like a Pro

  • Influencing Others — Getting more of what you really want

Our expert facilitation creates a safe environment for people to share their unique perspectives, challenge assumptions and experience new ways of working together, across generations.



  • We grew from 5 to 8 locations, created one cohesive culture and were able to fill all new supervisory level positions from within

  • We increased our revenue by over 300%

  • We created a data-driven approach that allowed us to double our bottom line

  • We created alignment across our sales team and had the highest sales ever, with profit up 20%

  • Our employee engagement increased 100%

  • We experienced a 200% increase in productivity

  • Our turnover dropped to almost ZERO

Working with KSHIFT

KSHIFT works with successful businesses that are ready to take their business to the next level AND recognize the need to fundamentally shift how they go about doing business to address the seismic shifts in the workplace and marketplace.

We love to go above and beyond! We are bold and fearless in the way we work with our clients. We are obsessed with simplicity and finding artful ways to get stuff done more effectively — with less effort and more fun.

We think creatively and work strategically. This laser-focuses our actions on what will help you achieve what’s most important to you and accelerate your results.

We work with Bold, Brave and Passionate Clients. It IS possible to achieve amazing results, faster and easier than you think. Are you obsessed with being the best at what you do? Are you open to new possibilities? Are you committed to discovering simple, elegant, creative solutions that will differentiate you from all others? Are you committed to putting those solutions into action in a way that will wow your employees and customers alike?

We welcome the opportunity to explore how KSHIFT can help you create more of what you REALLY want! 

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Create more of what you want

We are dedicated to working with owners of mid-size companies to identify their pain points and navigate those challenges in a way that creates clarity, alignment and a laser-focus on the RESULTS that matter most. 

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