KSHIFT, Managing people in a crisis

KSHIFT 4 Cs Framework™ 

Essential Shifts to Reimagine, Reframe and Revitalize Your Business

in a way that Results in Effortless and Profitable Growth

From Confusion to


Shift Your Focus


  • Define what you want to achieve going forward

  • Create clear priorities that will drive decisions

  • Develop an action plan that aligns with priorities

So that you can ensure you have alignment and a laser focus on what matters most.

Managing people in Crisis
Esther Weinberg President & Founder of KSHIFT

From Compliance to


Shift Your Possibilities


  • Share why it's so important -- what's at stake

  • Discern the degree of buy-in you really have

  • Identify potential barriers and creative solutions

So that you can inspire engagement and camaraderie that results in unstoppable momentum.

From Constraint to


Shift Your Productivity


  • Strengths, knowledge, skills and experience

  • Training, development and support

  • Tools, supplies and resources

So that you can ensure you have the right people, in the right roles, well-equipped to deliver high quality performance.

Esther Weinberg President & Founder of KSHIFT
Managing people in Crisis

From Reluctance to


Shift Your Results


  • COURAGE to speak your truth

  • COURAGE to show up and contribute your best

  • COURAGE to create a culture of accountability

So that you can boldly support everyone's success, minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

Putting these 4 Cs into practice is essential if you and your company want to come out of this BETTER than before -- with loyal employees who are clear, aligned, and committed to doing whatever it takes to get what's most important done and done well. As things continue to open up, you will be well-positioned for incredible growth and increased profitability -- while others are still trying to figure it all out!

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How to  Revitalize Your Business and Accelerate Results

KSHIFT, Managing people in a crisis

What if this result was yours? 
We feel totally equipped to meet the challenges of this global crisis!

KSHIFT, Managing people in a crisis
Nancy Davidson Executive Director

Nancy Davidson

Executive Director

Kat helped shift our mindset around what’s possible for our growth. The immediate increase in revenue has allowed us to expand our reach and our impact, even during this crisis.

Art Trottier President

Art Trottier

Vice President

Kat has helped us grow from 5 to 8 locations, while creating one cohesive culture. Her customized leadership development program touches everyone in our company.

Cindy Bengtson Executive Director

Cindy Bengtson

Executive Director

Kat's leadership on our Board and our Advisory Council have contributed to our reputation as a transformational community and organizational leadership experience.

Are you ready to embrace these essential shifts to reimagine, reframe, and revitalize your business . . .

and your life?