Let's face it, leadership in a crisis is like crisis management . . . on steroids!

Shift Happens!  We haven’t experienced anything like this in modern history. We are in uncharted territory. Everyone is in crisis mode. We are dealing with seismic shifts that will have aftershocks for months and years to come. What worked before will definitely not work anymore. It is requiring that we regroup, refocus and reinvent just about everything . . . overnight! 

How you lead and manage people now will determine what you'll be known for later. Let's face it, our leadership is being road tested like never before. And, while it might seem counter-intuitive, the worst time is the best time to up-level your leadership. After all, everyone is looking to YOU for guidance and reassurance. 

Here are just some of the things leaders are facing in the midst of this unprecedented crisis:

  • Old priorities are GONE -- and so is their clarity and focus

  • Needing to rethink everything overnight -- it's totally overwhelming

  • Managing everyone's fear, stress, and anxiety -- it's exhausting

  • Leading in the face of uncertainty and confusion -- it's driving limited thinking

  • Getting into a reactionary 'cut, cut, cut mentality' -- worrying it will be costly

Want to know the related essential shifts you need to Survive and Thrive, Now and Later? 

Can you relate? If so, read on. Need help implementing. them? We're here to help you make those essential shifts so that you can survive and thrive, now and later.

Go slow to go fast leadership 


Time for a Plan Z!™ The old "Plan B" approach is totally inadequate. While counter-intuitive, it's time to embrace a Go Slow to Go Fast Leadership Strategy. To create a plan attuned to the world we're living in now.  It's time to invest now or pay forever! Now more than ever, it is critical that you set aside time to focus on you and your leadership. There's so much at stake as you refocus on what matters most and recalibrate and redirect efforts. It's essential that you create a new level of Clarity, Commitment, Capacity and Courage and be equipped to take the actions needed to survive now and thrive later.

Now is not the time to go it alone! It’s a time to laser-focus on what’s most important and create UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM. We'd love to help you develop your Plan Z™ and accelerate your results. We will work with you to put together just the right mix of solutions going forward — designed specifically to address your #1 Challenge AND to fully leverage the opportunities it presents.

Yes, help is on the way

OK, there's an elephant in the room and it's not a pretty pink one. It's COVID-19 and it's demanding that you shift your leadership into high gear, literally overnight. Yes, your leadership and how you are managing people is more important now than ever. While it may feel overwhelming, it doesn't have to be that way!


Getting the support YOU need is no longer a nice to have, it's essential. Navigating these seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks requires a whole new level of leadership -- now and later.  And, as the old saying goes, you can't give out of an empty cup. Sad reality is that many leaders are literally running on empty. Not a great place to be when so much is at stake!

It's all too easy to miss out on opportunities that are right in front of you. Let's face it, you can't fix what you can't see, especially when you're in the midst of crisis.


Then there's the tough question, "Who can you trust?" As the leader, who can you be fiercely* honest with, without fear of judgment and retribution? And, who will be fiercely* honest with you when you need it? 


Definition of Fiercely Honest: It means getting real. It's about intensity, strength, power and passion. It's about telling the truth and letting the truth be told. After all, unreal conversations are very costly, more so now than ever!  

Let's explore what's best for you

All experiences are now available Virtually . . .

Trusted Advisor

Highly Personalized 1:1 Experience:

Our Trusted Advisor relationship is for highly-select leaders who are serious about shifting their leadership and the way they manage their people. It is a year-long commitment for those who are ready to create and implement a viable Plan Z™. It's only for leaders who are willing to invest time, energy and resources and who will be coachable and accountable for their desired results. If we agree this is a good fit, you will . . .

  • Have highly personalized one-to-one time on a regular basis that will include a hybrid of executive coaching and consulting -- that goes beyond great advice.

  • Be equipped with actionable strategies and practical, relevant and meaningful tools that you can immediately put into action.

  • But wait, there's more. You'll have ongoing support that creates a learning loop that's essential as you shift your mindset and put your Plan Z™ into action -- especially important when you're implementing something new, while in the midst of these seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks!

This provides you with dedicated time to focus on you, your leadership and consistent opportunities to work 'on' your business, not just 'in' your business, with a focus on accelerating results that matter.


What difference would it make if you and your company come out of this BETTER than before -- with loyal employees who are clear, aligned and committed to doing whatever it takes to get what's most important done and done well.


Imagine . . . as things open up again you are well-positioned for incredible growth and increased profitability -- while others are still trying to figure it all out!

8-Week Leadership Agility Course

Make Essential Shifts to Accelerate Results that Matter:

Join a group of like-minded business leaders in this 8-week experience that will shift your perspective, your possibilities and your results. This experience will be action-oriented and will focus on how to make essential shifts to help you face uncertainty and stress with more clarity and confidence. KSHIFT's 4 C's Leadership Framework™ will empower and equip you to make the shift from:

  • Confusion to CLARITY so that you can ensure you have alignment and a laser-focus on what matters most.

  • Compliance to COMMITMENT so that you can inspire engagement and camaraderie that will result in unstoppable momentum.

  • Constraint to CAPACITY so that you can ensure you have the right people, in the right roles, well-equipped to deliver high quality performance.

  • COURAGE to Act so that you can boldly support everyone's success and accountability, to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

Putting the 4 C's into practice will result in Curiosity-driven Communications that demonstrate that you genuinely care. This will lessen everyone's fear and anxiety and promote engagement, camaraderie and excitement about new possibilities!

This will be highly engaging experience and​ each of these foundational shifts will be applied to the specific challenges and opportunities you are experiencing now.


What difference would it make if you had actionable strategies and proven tools you could put into practice the same day, with lasting results!

Executive Council

Thought Partnership Experience for High-achieving Leaders: 


The Executive Council is a year-long commitment and only for a select group of high-achieving leaders. Leaders who know that "mastery" requires a growth mindset and surrounding yourself with others on the same journey. Members of the Council have ongoing access to thought partners and a sounding board to shorten their path and accelerate their desired results. It is much like the Trusted Advisor relationship, delivered in a group setting.

Members will gain valuable insight and an even broader perspective from leaders like you, across different industries. Yes, as everyone is saying these days, WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER!

Members of our Executive Council will enjoy an inspiring, energizing and safe space to get the support and camaraderie needed as they transform their leadership and the way they manage people during this crisis and beyond. It will also provide new insights that they would otherwise miss that promise to open up new possibilities. They will also develop actionable strategies and discover proven tools to bring them to life.


Imagine . .  . feeling confident, well-equipped and supported as you take on the ongoing challenges and opportunities that these seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks are creating, known and unknown -- especially the unknown.


KSHIFT’s Engaging Workshops 

Customized Experiences to Up-level How You Lead and Manage Others:

You and your staff may need more help leading and managing others during these seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks, given the uncertainty, fear and stress that people are experiencing now . . . and will likely experience for some time to come.


Prepare NOW so you and others in a supervisory or management role will feel confident to lead and manage in a way that's responsive to the new (and old) issues that employees will bring with them when they return.

Here are just some of the workshops that we can customize to meet your specific needs and priorities

PLUS the unique demands of working in and through these seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks:

  • The Power of Insightful Questions + Curiosity Listening  -- The Key to Effective Communications

  • Identifying & Leveraging Different Communication Styles -- They are ALL Valuable

  • Communicating with Different Generations -- It's Easier Than You Think

  • Conversations vs. Confrontations — Create an Impactful Learning Loop

  • Get out of React Mode — The Key to Managing Unrelenting, Competing Priorities

  • Multiply Your Impact — A Coach Approach is No Longer Optional, it's Essential

  • Influence Others — Get More of What you Really Want

Our expert facilitation creates a safe environment for people to share their unique perspectives, challenge assumptions and experience new ways of working and learning together . . . so that, people feel they are heard, valued and equipped to communicate more effectively.


Imagine . . . people working together even more productively during these challenging times that are stretching people to their limits and beyond.

Working with KSHIFT

We work with Bold, Brave and Passionate Clients. It IS possible to achieve amazing results, faster and easier than you think. Are you obsessed with being the best at what you do? Are you open to new possibilities? Are you committed to discovering simple, elegant, creative solutions that will differentiate you from all others? Are you committed to putting those solutions into action in a way that will 'Wow!" your employees and customers alike?

We love to go above and beyond! We are bold and fearless in the way we work with our clients. We are obsessed with simplicity and finding artful ways to get stuff done more effectively — with less effort and more fun.

We think creatively and work strategically. This laser-focuses our actions on what will help you achieve what’s most important to you and accelerate your results.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how KSHIFT can help you create more of what you REALLY want -- sooner than later and better than you can imagine! 

We Work With


Our Brand Promise

We are dedicated to working with companies who recognize that leadership and managing people in a crisis demands new skills to deal with the uncertainty and stress that come with it. And, communicating with different generations and fully leveraging all they have to offer is essential to minimize risks and maximize new possibilities. Supporting leaders as they navigate these seismic shifts and inevitable aftershocks is our #1 Priority . . . so they can survive and thrive, now and later. 

Are you ready to shift your leadership into

high gear?

We're here to help.