Personal Note from Kat . . .

There are days (aka "daze") when I wake up thinking, "What the Bleep! And other days when I bound out of bed excited to take on the day. This roller coaster we're on is real and my new best friend is "Grace!" Be kind to yourself and others as we all do our very best to support one another through this time of uncertainty and all that goes with it.

Heading 6

More than ever, Joy can feel illusive . . . just out of our grasp. But not for our Chief Morale Officer. Joy is the embodiment of true, unadulterated delight. Just in case you're wondering, she is seven, going on two and always ready to play, no matter what.


How would being more playful enrich our lives? What difference would it make if we approached the day looking for every opportunities to have some fun and be playful in whatever we are doing? After all, what we focus on we create more of.


How we experience this time of uncertainty and confusion is a choice. Now I'm not talking about being in denial or stuffing our real feelings. They are real and we need to make room for them. We just don't need to let them rule our day. Acknowledging them and then releasing them makes room for lots of new possibilities.


Let's choose Joy! Check out Joy's Blog Posts for some great advice on how to deal with this crisis, without taking ourselves too seriously, really!

Our Core Values feel more important now than ever


Which means that we are intensely focused on learning more about other people’s perspectives in a way that they feel heard, valued and respected.


A light-hearted, fun approach that allows you to take on serious issues with much less stress and more fulfillment.

We believe in being SO clear about your direction and what you really want that you are in the zone and feel the freedom to explore, experiment and adapt along the way.

We provide centered leadership that creates a calming impact that unleashes new possibilities and leaves people feeling energized and joyful.

We believe in moments of imperfection and authenticity that become your most attractive quality.

We share a spirit of abundance that naturally results in random acts of kindness.