Personal Note from Kat . . .

There are days (aka "daze") when I wake up thinking, "What the Bleep!" And other days when I bound out of bed excited to take on the day. This roller coaster we're on is real and my new best friend is "Grace!" Be kind to yourself and others as we all do our very best to support one another through this time of uncertainty and all that goes with it.

Are we having fun yet?

Disruption can be painful and at the same time, transformational. For Kat, it’s yet another opportunity for reinvention. Something she knows a lot about. Kat has a long history of reinvention and doing so under fire – with immediate and long-lasting results. She is known for doing the seemingly impossible and coming out the other side better for it.

For many companies, it’s requiring that they repurpose what they do to address changing demands. In some cases, they literally need to reinvent themselves. For others, it’s requiring heart-breaking decisions that result in laying off or furloughing loyal staff. In every case, this often needs to be done overnight in the face of uncertainty and confusion.


It’s difficult at best to be objective when you’re under fire and so close in. Kat knows first hand how important having a coach is, especially nowadays. It's been a lifesaver for her and she wants to BE that for others. Kat is committed to working with you to make sure you and your company come out the other side of this crisis, better than ever . . . because of the steps you're taking each day towards your new priorities.

Kat is in the people business


Every business is dependent 100% on its people to deliver on their promises. Leading people during this crisis and beyond will determine how people respond and the results you will achieve. Let's face it, even under the best of circumstances, people dynamics can be challenging, especially when it comes to communicating across the organization and with different generations. 


Understanding and appreciating generational distinctions is more important than ever! We've compiled years of research and experience into a series of insightful infographics to help you with that. If you'd like help putting those insights into practice, let's connect




Get to know Kat

Kathleen, aka "Kat" is bold and fearless in the way she works. She is obsessed with simplicity and finding artful ways to get stuff done more effectively, with less stress and more fulfillment. She thinks creatively and works strategically. Kat believes it's possible to take on serious issues with a lighthearted approach that is engaging, thought-provoking, and gets desired results.

Kat is a "Katalyst" and all about doing whatever it takes to survive and thrive, now and later. She helps you inspire, engage, and align everyone in your organization around a common vision and shared priorities that create unstoppable momentum and accelerates results.

Kat enjoys challenging assumptions and bringing a fresh perspective. This opens the door to new possibilities that are transformational, for individuals and organizations. Kat is known for doing the seemingly impossible with surprising ease and loves helping others do the same. Along the way, she becomes the ultimate resource choreographer with an uncanny ability to attract whatever is needed to get it done.

Meet Joy, our Chief Morale Officer Extraordinaire

More than ever, Joy can feel illusive . . . just out of our grasp. But not for our Chief Morale Officer. Joy is the embodiment of true, unadulterated delight. Just in case you're wondering, she is eight, going on two and always ready to play, no matter what.


How would being more playful enrich your life? What difference would it make if you approached the day looking for every opportunity to have some fun and be playful in whatever you are doing? After all, what you focus on you create more of.


How you experience this time of uncertainty and confusion is a choice. Now I'm not talking about being in denial or stuffing your real feelings. They are real and it's healthy to make room for them. You just don't need to let them rule your day. Acknowledging them and then releasing them makes room for lots of new possibilities.

Let's choose Joy! Check out Joy's Blog Posts for some great advice on how to deal with the challenges we face, without taking ourselves too seriously, really!

Our Core Values feel more important now than ever


Which means that we are intensely focused on learning more about other people’s perspectives in a way that they feel heard, valued and respected.


A light-hearted, fun approach that allows you to take on serious issues with much less stress and more fulfillment.

We believe in being SO clear about your direction and what you really want that you are in the zone and feel the freedom to explore, experiment and adapt along the way.

We provide centered leadership that creates a calming impact that unleashes new possibilities and leaves people feeling energized and joyful.

We believe in moments of imperfection and authenticity that become your most attractive quality.

We share a spirit of abundance that naturally results in random acts of kindness.

Ready to Make the KSHIFT?

It's that Ah-Ha! Moment that changes everything. It shifts your perspective and challenges your assumptions in a way that opens up new possibilities. It creates a laser-focus and unstoppable momentum that accelerates your desired results.

KSHIFT managing people in crisis.

Are you ready to leverage different perspectives to

reimagine, reframe, and revitalize your business . . .

and your life? 

Esther Weinberg


Kat is the ultimate partner in every way. Her strategic perspective, creative ideas and joyful approach makes working with her a true delight. She brings both her heart and her wisdom to the table.

Darrell Haley

Senior Pastor

Kat's leadership in planning and facilitating annual strategy retreats for our multicultural, multigenerational organization is helping us achieve our mission of "unity in diversity" -- this is critical now more than ever.

Pauline Field

Board Chair

Kat is a knowledgeable, talented and caring coach and consultant. The results she produces in her own life give her a firm foundation for guiding others. She leaves her clients in action with impactful results.

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