Are you overdue for a significant shift in the way you do business?

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Are you  the

Owner/CEO of a successful,
mid-size company?
  • Are you seeing evidence that what worked before isn't working anymore?
  • Are there moments when you wonder if it's all worth it?
  • Do you ever feel like you're working way too hard for not enough money?
  • Would you think I'm crazy if I told you there's a way to grow with ease?

. . . then you're in the right place

Unique Challenges of Mid-Market Companies

As the CEO of a mid-size company, you have some unique challenges. It can feel awkward – like you’re in no man’s land. It's challenging to compete with smaller firms that can operate with more agility and even more challenging to compete with larger firms with more resources.


KSHIFT specializes in the unique needs of this stage of business. The reality is mid-size companies are often underserved in the advisory community.


Working with successful owners/CEOs, especially those experiencing growing pains or an unexpected shift in the marketplace or the workplace, is what I do best. Objectivity can quickly go out the window, and it’s easy to get stuck. What’s needed is an outside perspective to reveal what you can’t see and connect dots you may be missing. After all, you can’t fix what you can’t see.


It can feel risky and uncomfortable to share your challenges with those around you. It’s difficult to know who you can trust and who you can count on to provide sound advice and practical solutions that are right for YOUR business. Now is not the time for cookie-cutter solutions, especially when there’s so much at stake.

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Top 3 Warning Signs that could be

putting your business at risk.

Warning Signs come in many forms. In my experience, they most often start as a people problem and end up as a profit problem. These warning signs are typically more pronounced in the wake of fast growth or shifts in the workplace and the marketplace, not to mention the aftershocks from the global pandemic. It’s easy to lose sight of the impact it’s having on your people, especially during crisis management.


Stress and Overwhem

Symptom: You feel more like a firefighter than the CEO. You are in the react mode all day and losing sleep worrying about what’s not getting done or done well. At times, you wonder if it’s all worth it.

Impact: It feels overwhelming and can even be immobilizing.

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Delegation Dilemma

Symptom: You are more of a micro-manager than a leader. You know you need to get out of the weeds but resist letting go – it’s like a tug-of-war. The reality is you are unsure of who you can trust.

Impact: Loyalty to long-term staff overshadows what you need now.


Misplaced Loyalty

Symptom: Everyone feels ill-equipped  is overwhelmed. Toleration is taking its toll. There’s resistance to having difficult conversations, so there’s no accountability.

Impact: Endless frustration, low morale, and costly turnover of your BEST people.

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How much is MORE

costing you?

Symptom: You are focusing on growing your top-line revenue without taking into account the impact on your organization.

Impact of More: It’s takes a toll on your people, your productivity, and your bottom line. You feel like you are working way too hard for not enough money.

Good news! We specialize in solving these exact dilemmas so you can grow with ease and sleep better at night. KSHIFT is a boutique firm delivering concierge-level service to highly select owners/CEOs ready to engage their people to reimagine, reframe, and revitalize their business.


If you can relate to these dilemmas, let's schedule a Clarity Call. This is NOT a sales call and no ‘b.s.’ allowed. With your permission, I will treat you like a client. It’s an opportunity to share your #1 challenge or opportunity and discover creative solutions you may have missed and can immediately put into action.


Kaya Plansker

Executive Director

We are a community leadership development organization. Kat gets the difficulty in navigating to the heart of what we do. Her responsiveness to our needs and guidance as we grow and shift our own program offerings is something we truly value. 

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David Newman

Business Owner

If you're a mid-size company CEO/Owner, Kat is your 'secret weapon' to transform you, your leadership team, and your results. There is no one more dedicated to your success and making the necessary shifts in your business. If you get the chance, RUN, don't walk to bring Kat into your organization to get everyone working to their full potential.

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Rachimah Magnuson

Marketing Strategist

Kat is laser-focused on helping organizations make the shifts required to thrive amidst their challenges and opportunities. She is a witty and brilliant woman. She delivers the highest level of excellence and professionalism.